About Lemon

Reach out to us effortlessly - your gateway to exceptional service and personalized attention awaits.

Step into the vibrant world of Lemon Restaurant and Lounge, where our story begins with a youthful team fueled by passion and a commitment to culinary excellence. As a new start-up and proud local family-owned business, we’re thrilled to introduce you to a fusion of Mediterranean allure and American comfort.

At Lemon, we believe in the power of variety, offering a delectable array of Mediterranean dishes that capture the essence of tradition and innovation. From savory kebabs to delightful mezze platters, our menu reflects our dedication to authenticity. But that’s not all – we’ve also infused the spirit of America with mouthwatering burgers for those seeking a taste of home.

More than just a restaurant, Lemon is a celebration of community, family, and the joy of sharing exceptional food. Our team is here to ensure that every visit to Lemon is a memorable experience, filled with warmth, flavor, and the genuine hospitality of a family-owned establishment.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Join us at Lemon Restaurant and Lounge, where passion meets plate, and every meal is a delightful adventure. Come for the food, stay for the memories.